Melody of the Horizon: Haruka and Michiru


First coloring edit under a new technique (black/white overlay) and with a new watermark (now using Avenir font in place of SimHei).

michiru’s facial expressions though xD

Sailor Moon S: Kotaete Moon Call!

this is a Sailor Moon episode that was made specifically for the videogame system  Telebiko by BANDAI. the console plays games via VHS tapes through a VCR, and according to the video’s description it uses a telephone shaped controller with four buttons on it so that you can choose different options in the game, but isn’t required. but you can hear the characters calling you on it! cool right? xD just thought i’d share this “lost episode” with you guys :D


Spiral… Moon… Heart…. ATTACK!!

Please…even if only for one night…Luna…turn Luna into a human…into Princess Kaguya!