Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion



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[MISC/ETC] The End.

Galaxia was freed of evil, and Chaos had returned to its rightful place - inside people’s thoughts. Although Galaxia worried about Chaos’ inevitable reappearance, Usagi told her that the Light of Hope also resided within people’s minds.

After Galaxia left to restore all of the stolen star seeds, Usagi realized that she was alone. Then she heard a familiar voice - Rei. The nine Sailor Senshi surrounded her, each congratulating Usagi on her success. Suddenly, another voice appeared - Prince Endymion with Chibi Chibi in his arms. Usagi hurried to embrace him, and Endymion comforted his love. Chibi Chibi thanked Usagi before turning into a beam of light that disappeared into the sky.

As the Earth senshi enjoyed their reunion above, the Starlights were greeted by Princess Kakyuu.

From: Episode 200

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