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Sailor Moon; subverting fairy tales since 1992.


Especially Chibi Usa

Because, yeah, Usagi’s done it but Tuxedo Kamen is running around with the sword, so their basically in the same boat of badasses

But Helios and Chibi Usa do the reversal perfectly because Helios falls into the traditional female skills like holding healing powers and praying and being under a spell by an evil Queen (SWAN LAKE ANYONE) and then falling into a deathlike slumber

but Chibi Usa is running around as a warrior with her own group and kissing him like a prince only better cause she’s a WARRIOR PRINCESS



Okay rest of the liveblog tomorrow. This episode is so epic I had to split it into two parts.

Look at this screenshot tho.  The 30th century is so 1990s you guys.

lens-flares abound

The future looks so bright




[LOCATION] Crystal Tokyo & Crystal Palace.

For reasons unknown, the Earth was frozen sometime after the 20th century. In the 30th century, Neo Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to awaken everyone. She and her husband King Endymion then built the capital of the future world, Crystal Tokyo (クリスタル・トーキョー). This era was known as the New Silver Millennium. 

Peace was broken when evil beings attacked. The enemy was ultimately defeated, and Neo Queen Serenity offered to purify anyone who wished to stay. Those who refused left Earth.

Later, the Black Moon Clan of Nemesis launched an assault on Crystal Tokyo and the Crystal Palace (クリスタル・パレス). The queen was directly harmed during the ordeal and the kingdom was left in ruins. The future Inner Senshi combined their powers to protect the catatonic Serenity, and to raise a barrier around the palace.

Although King Endymion was also injured, his hologram was able to run the palace’s control room. In episode 82, the present day Sailor Team and Tuxedo Mask traveled to the future with Chibiusa. In the next episode, King Endymion informed them of what happened and how the New Silver Millennium came to be.

The only way to save Neo Queen Serenity was to find the future Silver Crystal. Just before the Black Moon Clan struck, the heirloom disappeared from its sacred altar. Small Lady used Luna P to unlock the safeguard that housed the crystal.

From an aerial view, the city formed a five pointed star. Various areas that generated high amounts of Crystal Power were called Crystal Points (クリスタル・ポイント). The Black Moon Clan tried to corrupt these locations in the past, hoping to prevent Crystal Tokyo from ever being built.

With the two Silver Crystals, Usagi (as Neo Queen Serenity) and Small Lady destroyed Death Phantom. Crystal Tokyo was restored to its original prominence.

In the manga, Crystal Tokyo was born in the 21st century. Humans stopped aging because of the Silver Crystal. King Endymion and the Sailor Senshi guarded both the palace and the queen. Small Lady was given her own set of guardians - the Sailor Quartet.

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